J.B. Hokanson Bio

J.B. Hokanson is an old time woodsman. Born and raised on a farm in the Rocky Mountains, much of his time was spent working, hunting and fishing. While serving in the US Navy (during the Vietnam era,) he was able to hone his creative mechanical skills. Well know as a “MacGyver” (fixer/creator) he spent much of his life as an all around engineer working in the snowmobile field. He is an active Boy Scout leader and president of Armory Plastics, which specializes in manufacturing knife sheaths and injection molded parts. 

His long term interest in various parts of field and urban survival were paramount in the creation of the TOPS Trailwalker Tool (TTT.)  With a great deal of input from his engineering oriented family, they have Field tested this tool to the point of steadfast use and proficiency.

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