Joshua Swanagon Bio

Joshua Swanagon grew up in Denver, Colorado and has studied survival both in the city and the wilderness for most of his life and is equally comfortable in either. With years of real world experience, law enforcement experience and diverse martial arts training and teaching experience, Joshua with his partner Kenny Pipes has put together Urban Defense Institute in Mid-Michigan, a reality based self-defense program for civilians and hardcore combatives for professional personnel.

Joshua is also the Associate Editor/Art Director for Survival Quarterly Magazine and as a good, long time friend of Ron and Karen Hood has been involved in many projects for over the years and continues working with Karen on various present and future projects. Joshua is also the host of the podcast “Keeping It real: Urban Survival for the Real World” on the Preparedness Radio Network and will also be co-hosting “The Karen Hood Show” with Karen Hood where they look forward to bringing you the best in survival and providing guests that are the best in the field. Joshua has also been published in Tactical Knives Magazine and will be working with his partner Kenny Pipes on a DVD series on the Combative ATAX to be put out through Hoods Woods Video Productions.”

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