Andy Tran Bio

Tahoma was the first name given to what is now known as Mount Rainer in Washington State. It’s in the shadow of this great mountain that the designer of the Tahoma Field Knife, Andy Tran, became familiar with the outdoors as a child. Andy has carried a knife, whenever permitted, since the age of 7. His skills with and understanding of the basic tool was always maturing and helped him develop his taste for the knives he liked.

 His father, a Vietnam War Vet, taught him survival and outdoor living skills. The seeds of adventure and wanting to be outdoors were planted. While this is great for the soul, it made traditional schooling tedious. Later in his schooling, he would shift his studies from Biotechnology to Cinematography. The new life path would bring him further into the woods, for longer periods of time to capture what nature had to offer, making it necessary to refine and learn new outdoor skills. The Youtube channel that Andy runs is the accumulation of the experiences and lessons learned, and his approach to teaching as a student leaves no rock unturned. 

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